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What are the water tanks made from?
Ecosure water tanks are made from a very strong and durable plastic called MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene). This type of plastic is resistant againest the harsh UK weather that would normally effect less well made water tanks.

Is there an outlet on the water tank?
Yes, this is normally posistioned at the bottom of the tank, down the narrow side where the lid is situated.

On the smaller tanks e.g.280 Litre Water Tanks a 3/4" BSP fitting is moulded into the tank. The slightly larger tanks such as the 500 Litre Water Tanks and the 1050 Litre Water Tanks a 1" BSP fitting is used. The largest tanks e.g. 2500 Litre Water Tanks and the 7200 Litre Water Tank can take upto 2" BSP fitting.

Some other the water tanks such as the 2800 Litre Water Tank and the 5000 Litre Water Tank have uncut 4" outlets. These can be used to connect large pipework such as 4" drainage.

Can i create my own outlets where i want?
Yes, the normal outlet positions can be left blank or blank-off and you can cut your own male outlets. (We are unable to add any BSP outlets anywhere else on the water tank apart from their original posistion.)

What is a baffled water tank?
The baffle is the hole that goes through the water tank. This is designed to distrupt the water flow making it safer to transport in the back of vans and trucks. Baffled water tanks are ideal water tanks for car valeters and window cleaners

What does BSP stand for?
British Standard Pipe thread, this is a family of standard screw thread types.

Can I store chemicals in a water tank?
Some chemicals can be stored safely in a single skin tank such as a water tank, however if you are unsure please call and we'll do our best find out for you. Your could try contacting the Environmental Agency.

Can you make me a Pink water tank?
Yes, we have made many different coloured water tanks for customers with specific requirements. Give us a call on 0871 200 2082 and we'll see what we can do.



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